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**Our first shipment has been packaging and being sent to those who pre-ordered.  Additional orders will be re-opened once the next shipment of green coffee is received to ensure quick shipment to customers.**


This shade-grown coffee is from Finca El Bosque de Don Roberto in Agua Buena, Costa Rica.  Grown at 1100 meters of altitude by the Jiménez-Herrera family, the wonderfully smooth chocolate notes of these arabica beans can be attributed to agroecological farming practices and mastery of natural and anaerobic processing methods.


This single-origin coffee is the result of a unique partnership between the Jiménez-Herrera family, Corberosa Coffee Roasters and the Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.  $4.50 per pound funds scholarships for Cal Poly students to participate in agroecology and intercultural exchange programs in Agua Buena.  The Jiménez-Herrera family receives $6 per pound, a 240% premium over current coffee prices.


Medium roast. Sun Dried. Whole Bean.


To find out more about Cal Poly sustainable agriculture programs in Agua Buena:

Costa Rica El Bosque de Don Roberto

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