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I have tried every kind of coffee that you can imagine. When I found out about your coffee that was the end of my journey! It is so rich, creamy, and absolutely no bitterness. I don’t care to try any other kind of coffee. I am taking my grinder, my beans, and my French press on vacation next week. That should say at all!

 - Kathy B.

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Our Story

What makes Corberosa Premium Air-Roasted Coffee different than the traditional coffee roasters is not only how we roast, but why.  We started our journey growing boutique coffees on the north-west slopes of Haleakala in Hawaii. One of the problems that we and other coffee growers constantly faced was that traditional drum roasting was not able to capture the delicate flavors that us boutique coffee growers have worked so hard to achieve in our crops.  The answer, we found was roasting on a fluid-bed of air.  Only 1% of all coffee beans harvested get the privilege of being air roasted.  We’re proud to be one of the only coffee companies in the world to produce premium air-roasted coffees. 

Most people that have had Corberosa Premium Air-Roasted Coffee can instantly realize that our coffees are incredibly different than what they have previously experienced with other coffees.  The overbearing bitter and burnt tastes that usually take “2 creams, 2 sugars, or 5 pumps of vanilla flavoring” to overcome and make them palatable, are replaced by something magical.  Underlying bright and flavorful hints of freshly ripened blueberries bounce off your tongue as nuances of rich, creamy chocolate caress your taste buds.   

We also grow coffee in numerous locations across California, from San Diego to Cambria.  Our first offering is expected in  2021, stay tuned! 


Interested in joining the growing group of visionaries cultivating California coffee?  Visit our sister site, or send us a message.

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